Morton, Mississippi

October, 23, 24, 25, 1998


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  1. Jennifer Amos
  2. 20# fresh ham going in the Klose
  3. David Amos
  4. Two Texas briskets in the Klose
  5. "Morty", Dave Clark and his Dr. Pepper
  6. Steve Sheffield, fixin stuff for Friday Fish Fry
  7. Maedean Smith
  8. Big Jim, Belly, Jim Woelfle, Danielle Scott and Maedean
  9. Danny and Carolyn's Q- Fest 98 sign, put together by Maedean and Chris (Granny)
  10. Dave Clark after 3 days grazing
  11. Sunday breakfast, Jim Anderson's pan sausage, biscuits, bacon and links
  12. Roy and Joanne Young
  13. Wendell Smith, Suzy Maynard and Cindi Zemaiduk
  14. Lloyd Carver, Jim Anderson, Luisa , Maedean and Jasmine
  15. Sweetheart of the Q-Fest, Jasmine, Lloyd and Luisa's granddaughter
  16. Dave and Granny
  17. Belly cleaning the Klose
  18. Granny and Luisa
  19. Granny and Jim Anderson
  20. Sunrise over Glen Rose, Texas
  21. Rock and Belly
  22. Dave Amos, Jim Anderson, Rock McNelly, Belly and Big Jim
  23. Dave Amos, Allen and Rock