Burner Components

Here are the parts for the burner.

1 piece 1.5" square tube x 3.25 long

1 piece 1/4" black pipe x 6" to 10" long

you can drill the pipe with a #53 (.059") or I use a brass pipe plug with a 10-32 thread

the brass will not corrode like the steel pipe does and can be replace if needed.


Here is the burner on it's test burn. Good clean blue flame


This is the cut outs I make to weld the burner in. The square hole in the center is for the burner and the others are for air. They are about 1" x 3"


This is a 250 gallon propane tank. There will be a firebox and a vertical chamber.

Here the burner has been welded in the tank and the shelf brackets and frames have been installed. The wood goes in the pot.

Slide out shelves. The other opening gets the same arrangement except that the bottom shelf is full width. There are two 32" wide x 26" deep shelves. one 32" x 28" and one 24" x 28" shelves. It will also have 2 28" diameter revolving shelves in the vertical.

Here the vertical has been added

Another view, no shelves in the vertical yet.

Will have a total of 33.5 square feet of grill area

more pictures